Virus Removal & cleanup Special
Special Price Alert!

Virus Removal & Clean up for $106.25+tax ! Regular Price is about $148.75+tax
This includes getting rid of any infections on the computer.
Cleaning out junk & temp files.
Cleaning browsers ( this is an important step to flush remaining bugs out)
Updating windows ( If there any updates needed)
Final look over to make sure everything is working properly.
Bring your computer in and save.
Welcome to Gower computer support & Gower Internet
We are a computer repair company based in Tyler TX that offers lots of computer services such as virus removal, upgrades, replacement parts and custom built systems starting at $750 depending on what type of computer you want.

We also Provide High Speed Internet Service via Wireless or Satellite.
Our Satellite is available all over East Texas, As long as you have a clear view of the sky toward the South West Area You can get it.

Our Wireless is available around Lindale, Lake Tyler, Ownstown, and a few other areas.  It is a point to point system. It needs a line of sight to our Tower. Usually requiring 50+ foot tower unless you are close enough to get a good signal without one.
Protect your computer from Ransomeware!
Don't let your computer fall prey to Ransomware.& Data Locker virus.
use this program to prevent them from taking over your computer. Download Here
This program could remove your temp files & cookies on install. Just a warning.

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