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Gower Dial-Up Accelerator information

  • Free to Gower.Net customers
  • Surf the Web up to 5x faster then dial-up
  • Built-in Pop-up Blocker "optional to activate"
  • No new hardware required
  • Easily installed to your PC, with just a few clicks
  • Dramatically increase your surfing speed

Gower Accelerator download/install instructions

    Please read all instructions before proceeding.
  • Click here to download Gower Accelerator now.(or click on the picture above)
  • When prompted to "OPEN" or "SAVE" the file, click "OPEN"
  • After the download has completed, the install will begin. (Will take 5-10 minutes for download to finish.)
    Installing Gower Accelerator
  • When install process starts, just follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After the install is finished, you will be prompted for a username/password. Please enter the same information as you would when you connect to the dial-up server.

Gower Accelerator Pop-up Blocker "Activation" instructions

  • "Right" click on the G logo on the Bottom Right of the startbar. (Near the time)
  • "Left" click on Options
  • "Left" click on Pop-up window
  • "Left" click on Block pop-up
  • "Left" click on OK
  • Pop-ups are now being blocked
    Known problems with pop-up blockers in "general".
  • Have been known to block some Online game sites. (Yahoo games etc..)
  • Have been known to block some Online banking sites.
  • Have been known to block other sites that rely on Pop-ups.
  • If you notice not being able to get to certain "PARTS" of a site, please go into the Gower Accelerator Pop-up Blocker "Activation" how-to and permit the sites that are being blocked in the list
-Gower Staff
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