Gower Computer Support, Inc.,
a computer company that has served our East Texas Area for the past 25 years,
brought the Internet to Tyler as Gower.Net. We have been on-line since July, 1995, at speeds up to 56k, 128k ISDN and now DSL. and Wireless
With our computer experience, we are able to provide our customers with hardware support, as well as Internet support.

Gower.Net is a full service provider with Fiber lines. We offer the World Wide Web, e-mail, FTP, SLIP, PPP connections and space for your own personal home page, all at a low rate of $20.00 a month This low monthly rate is for unlimited usage and is provided for our analog users. We strive to maintain a customer to modem ratio of 8 to 1. We now offer  Virus and Spam e-mail filtering for $1.50 each email name.

Over the past year we have seen the need to provide the Internet to a larger East Texas area. Our phone number for the Tyler calling area is 597-9220. We now have lines in the ,the Longview area at 877-243-5113, the Marshall calling area is 877 243-5113.

Gower.Net can also help you create and publish your Business Web Page. The World Wide Web is the fastest growing communication medium in the world. The amount of information available on the Internet and the WWW staggers the imagination. Gaining a presence on the Web is a wise growth step for your business or organization. Imagine having your web pages viewed 24 hours a day, for only dollars a day. Visit with us on how you can advertise your business or organization world wide. also provides 64k or 128k ISDN lines for the Tyler, Longview and Marshall area. This is two to more than five times as fast as that of 28.8k. Imagine how much faster the Internet would be or how fast down-loading information would be.

For business users we now offer SDSL in several speeds 192/192, 384/384, 768/768, 1.1/1.1 and 1.5/1.5 in Tyler, Longview, Marshall and Texarkana. We also have 144k IDSL lines in the same cities. We also have ADSL for home and business.

We also offer Wireless internet in areas around Tyler, Tx. If you are located in/around the Tyler area please give us a call and we can setup a free site survey.

If you would like more information on the Internet, commericial Home Pages, ISDN lines or DSL, please visit or call:

1607 South boldt Ave
Tyler,Tx 75701



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