Windows XP Support to end

Microsoft will be ending support for Xp on April 8th 2014. What does this mean if you have xp?

It means your computer will be less secure and more likely to get infected after that date.

Microsoft is urging people to upgrade to at least windows 7 ( It feels simular to xp)

Bring your computers in and see if we can upgrade your computer to windows 7.

Posted on 2014 Jan 09 by Gower Staff
We have refurbished laptops in stock!

We now have several refurbish laptops from $199 - $300 from small to large.
Stop by our store and check them out.

Posted on 2013 Jun 12 by Gower Staff
Now offering Data protection!

We are now offering preventative maintenance for your computer. We can back up your entire computer (software and data), and if you have problems we can restore it back to the state it was in when the system was backed up. What does this mean for you? If your computer crashes and can no longer go to windows we can restore it like it never happened! Don't lose your important data like so many have done before.
Gower Backup System  - $299 (includes hardware & software. Setup is done remotely or onsite*)
*Travel charges may apply if onsite is selected.

Posted on 2012 Nov 27 by Gower Staff


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